From our missions apartments to church planting at home and abroad to children’s homes around the world, the impact of the Baptist Temple can be seen. Our missions program reaches from the rolling hills of southern Indiana to all parts of the world.

At this time we have two missions apartments that are fully furnished with all the necessities of life. Missionaries raising their initial support or those veterans on furlough live in our apartments for a very nominal rent. Our Missions housing has been a blessing to hundreds of missionaries while on deputation or home on furlough. We have literarily saved missionaries hundreds of thousands of God's dollars, money that can then be used to build camps, homes, and churches around the world.

Many of the young missionaries enter the intern program we have developed over the years. They have the opportunity to work very closely with the pastor and staff to develop the gifts God has given them.

Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries is the missionary outreach program designed for those missionaries that wish to work out of a local church instead of a mission board.

There are many reasons that this ministry was born. One of the reasons was at the request of one of our missionaries and several conversations with other men of God. However, the main reason is the belief that we can expand the mission outreach of the Baptist Temple dramatically.

In order for a missionary to be a part of Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries they must first of all be a member of the Bedford Baptist Temple and have us as not only their home church but also their sending church. They will be in doctrinal harmony with and accountable to the Bedford Baptist Temple in the same manner that the Pastor and the pastoral staff of the church are accountable. They will be considered a part of the staff under the heading of Staff Missionaries. The highest ethical, moral and Biblical standards are expected and required.


Heartland Bible Institute - Piedmont, MO".

We have a specialized intern program for single missionary ladies that lasts one year and covers every aspect of the ministry and deputation. For further information please contact Pastor Steve Goens at 812-275-4077 or e-mail at SCGOENS@AOL.COM

BAPTIST TEMPLE BIBLE INSTITUTE is an educational institution, established to provide training for full-time Christian ministers, local Church laymen, and those who desire to enrich their lives with a more complete, thorough, and practical knowledge of the Word of God.

As a Bible Institute, BAPTIST TEMPLE BIBLE INSTITUTE maintains 80% of its courses in Bible or Bible-related subjects, and the other 20% in Practical Ministry courses.

The yardstick by which BAPTIST TEMPLE BIBLE INSTITUTE will measure everything that is taught and practiced is the Word of God, believing that the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible is the preserved Word of God for the English speaking people of today. Thus, each Satellite Division is required to use ONLY the KJV, and allow students to use ONLY the KJV, in all studies connected with BAPTIST TEMPLE BIBLE INSTITUTE. "Consistency, thou art a jewel." As far as is humanly possible, with the help of God, BAPTIST TEMPLE BIBLE INSTITUTE and its Satellites shall strive to keep its teachings consistent with the fundamental interpretation of the Word of God.

We have about six people at this time that are trained in sign language for the deaf. All of our services are interpreted by some of our most dedicated people. We have an ongoing training program for those in the church desiring to improve their knowledge and ability to communicate with the deaf. We also hold classes for the community to participate in to learn the language of the deaf. As our deaf department develops we will have a Sunday school class, fellowships and outings designed just for our hearing-impaired friends.

Our youth programs are designed to win the teens, teach them to walk closer to the Lord, and to develop a positive Christian attitude toward life. We have the Little Troopers on Sunday night and the A.W.A.N.A. Club on Wednesday nights starting at 6:30 p.m.

On Thursday our ladies get together for a Bible Study conducted by one of our most dedicated ladies. I’m not always sure what is being taught, all I know is that they stop talking when a man walks in.

Our counseling ministry reaches all ages and situations. We have been very successful in marriage, pre marital and post marital situations. We have worked with gays, teens, children and many others. We have helped those who are considering abortion and adoption.

Our food pantry has been the source of blessing to many who are having a tough time putting food on the table. Each year at Thanksgiving and Christmas dozens of people are provided, free of charge, a complete meal, enough to feed the entire family and with leftovers for several days. If we can help in this area please contact Beverly at the church office, 812- 275-4077.

During the summer months we conduct Backyard Bible Clubs. We find a church member with a big backyard and go house to house in the neighborhood rounding up as many children as we can to participate in our exciting VBS style study. Games, contest, Bible lessons and a squirt gun fight at the end of the week keep our summers full.

We have camps for both teens and juniors, with retreats each year for both as well as women and men.

Here at the Baptist Temple we have a systematic way of reaching each home in the city, each year with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are constantly in the hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral homes befriending and comforting those who are hurting. If we can ever help you through a tough time, please give me the privilege of helping you. Contact me at 812-275-4077 or e-mail at SCGOENS@AOL.COM.

Pastor Steve Goens