I want to introduce you to the newest ministry of the Bedford Baptist Temple. Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries is the missionary outreach program designed for those missionaries that wish to work out of a local church instead of a mission board.

Often, many men and women who believe they have the calling of God on their life, have a difficult time finding a mission board. Sometimes it is because of health reasons or maybe age is a factor. Often it is a personal belief that one should work out of the local church instead of a mission board. There are many reasons that this ministry was born. One of the reasons was at the request of one of our missionaries and several conversations with other men of God. However, the main reason is the belief that we can expand the mission outreach of the Baptist Temple dramatically.

In order for a missionary to be a part of Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries they must first of all be a member of the Bedford Baptist Temple and have us as not only their home church but also their sending church. They will be in doctrinal harmony with and accountable to the Bedford Baptist Temple in the same manner that the Pastor and the pastoral staff of the church are accountable. They will be considered a part of the staff under the heading of Staff Missionaries. The highest ethical, moral and Biblical standards are expected and required.

The Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries will provide the following for our missionaries.

1. We will act as a clearing house for the funds for the missionaries. The funds will be deposited in a local bank account once a week and an accounting of all deposits will be provided the missionaries the first week of every month and year end totals during the first two weeks of January.

2. Housing will be provided for the missionaries in the church owned housing on a first come first served basis. The houses are fully furnished and well maintained. The rent on the houses, are due on the first of each month at the rate of $50 per month.

3. All first term missionaries will be part of the Intern program of the Baptist Temple. The missionaries will work closely with the Pastor in all areas of the ministry. The missionary and their family will counsel with the pastor on a weekly basis or as is necessary.

4. The Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries has a special training program for single missionary ladies. This is an intensive program designed by a single missionary lady, Christina Fulmer. Christina is a veteran missionary to Kenya.

5. All missionaries will be a part of Baptist Beacon Missionary Ministries at the request of the missionary and the discretion of the Pastor and the Bedford Baptist Temple.

The program is designed to help all of our missionaries to be the very best that they can be for the honor and glory of our Lord and Saviour.

Because He Lives,

Pastor Steve Goens